Access Control

 As a 100% web based cutting edge access control system, the Lenel S2 Security Systems, offers a level of data collection and expandability that can be hard to match when compared to the alternatives. Our option for smaller businesses is the Axis Access Control, this system provides similar customer experience to the Netbox but is built for a small to mid-size business. 

Adding the ability to track exactly who entered your building, what door they used and what time they came or went provides your organization with data that can be very powerful from a productivity and human resources standpoint. A well designed and properly integrated access control system is a proven way to not only secure your building, but to increase productivity through accountability.

Lenel S2 Netbox:

  • Portals: Supports up to 32 doors or other access points
  • Event and Alarm Monitoring: Includes comprehensive event logging, notification and escalation
  • Threat Level Management: Provides configurable system status and response actions such as system lock downs
  • Person Record Management: Maintains detailed, credential-driven user records and access history
  • Reporting: Offers pre-defined and custom reports

Axis Access Control:

  • Supports 2 doors per controller
  • Flexible to integrate with your Axis Surveillance System
  • IP-based access controller suitable for both smaller installations and advanced mid-size systems
  • Supports up to 400 Credentials 

For more information give us a call at 515-645-2345 or click here to continue learning more about S2 Security Systems by A+ Communications, Security and Home Solutions.

access control
access control
access control
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