New Construction

When building a new home, we understand how many decisions there are for you to make.  From selecting the color of your shingles to figuring out what color to paint the guest bathroom… the list of decisions you will make during the construction process will be a very long one indeed!

So when it comes to figuring out what will be needed to keep you safe and well entertained in your new home, our sales and design team will do everything possible to help our portion of the project go smoothly and worry free.

Together we will:
  1. Sit down around your plans to explore popular home security and technology options and figure out what matters the most to you and your family.
  2. Work through multiple Home Solutions design options together until we find a personalized solution perfectly designed to fit your needs and lifestyle.
  3. Keep in touch as the project unfolds to ensure that we have all TVs mounted, strong WiFi, music playing and cameras recording ALL BEFORE YOU MOVE IN!

For more details on our new construction process give us a call at 515-645-2345 or download our New Construction Checklist.